Sonet-Pro 3.2.6


Sonet-Pro is the ad-free version of Sonet and manages multiple social networking sites in one app or homescreen widget, including Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, MySpace, Foursquare, LinkedIn, SMS, RSS & Posting, commenting, liking and location are all supported. Multiple sites can be updated simultaneously. Photos can be uploaded to Facebook. The text color and size, and background colors are customizable. Widgets are scrollable with ADW Launcher, Home++, LauncherPro and Go Launcher.

***Please read this...

If statuses are not loading, or you cannot post, comment or like, check the app permissions on the service's website and try re-authenticating the account by opening the Sonet widget settings and pressing on that account

Homescreen widgets will break if moved to the SD card. This is documented here:

Please report issues to

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